Advance Vitamin C Serum In Pakistan



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Advance Vitamin C Serum In Pakistan
Advance Vitamin C Serum – Low Price
Advance Vitamin C Serum – Cash On Delivery

Bring Back the Young & Beautiful You

When You See Yourself in the Mirror, Do You Realize That You Look Older Than Your Age Because of Dry and Dull Skin? The World is Fast Changing and Stress Factors Are Putting Weight on Our Shoulders. Even Young Adults Today in Their 20’s Look Like They Are on Their 30’s. Stress Reflects on Skin as They Grow Dry, Dark, Saggy and Lifeles


Advanced Formula Revives Wrinkled Skin by Moisturizing Dry Areas and Rejuvenating Cells, Effortlessly Giving Your Skin Back It’s Dewy Youthful GlowA Natural Face Lift That Firms Up and Lifts Saggy Skin Around Your Mouth, Cheeks, Eyes, and Forehead for Soft and Plump EffectAdvance Vitamin C Serum for Face and Neck is a Proven Combination of Natural Ingredients That Will Benefit Dry and Oily Skin Types; With P.h 5.5 for Sensitive Skin.

How to Use:

Our Serum is Recommended to Use at the Morning.Wash the Face or the Area of the Skin Using Your Favorite Facial Wash.
Pat Dry the Area. No Need to Completely Dry It Off.
Apply 1 to 2 Drops of Vitamin C Serum and Massage on the Skin to Allow Easy Absorption of the Serum on the Skin.
Leave to Dry.


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